Gals' Guides is a collaboration between 2 businesswomen from very different backgrounds.

Jill Stelfox

Jill StelfoxJill Stelfox is a serial entrepreneur and former president of a five billion dollar tech company in Silicon Valley, California, USA. She has raised millions of dollars in venture capital (and turned them into billions) and was the founder and leader of Zebra Sports.

At Zebra, her team created player tracking technology used in professional sports that provided real-time player tracking, data-visualization and statistics.

With this technology, Jill established Zebra as the Official Player Tracking solution of the NFL and delivered the data behind the NFL’s Next Gen Stats.

Jill is now the founder and CEO of Graffiti Sports and co-CEO at EDGY Inc, a management consulting firm based in San Jose, CA. 

Petra Davidson

Petra DavidsonPetra Davidson is a marketing consultant based in Auckland, New Zealand. She has increased revenue by thousands of percent in her marketing roles and was group marketing manager at Ezi-Pay (now Activata) and Compass Communications.

At Ezi-Pay, the team she was part of was responsible for the introduction of electronic retailer gift cards into grocery and other mainstream retail channels in New Zealand.

Following the sale of Ezi-Pay's gift card business for an undisclosed sum to worldwide prepayments processor ePay, Petra's team rebranded to Activata and rebuilt the company as a prepayments processor of products excluding gift cards.

She was the founder of Get Spotted, an independent marketing consultancy with clients around the world and is now an executive consultant at EDGY Inc.